The Team


Stewart has been tattooing for 12 years. He may appear growly, but he is incredibly patient with first time clients, and is always willing to listen to a new idea.
 Stew specialises in fine line work, old school style, comic style and freehand pieces but is always willing to turn his hand to a good idea.
Stewart’s dedication to trying new things and his ethos of collaboration is the reason we have the honour of opening a bigger studio with a great group of artists. His continuing mentor ship and expertise are invaluable to all of us.

To see Stewart’s portfolio, click here.


Erich is one of our junior tattoo artists. His style is unique, and you can be sure that if you leave your design ideas with Erich, he will come back to you with something truly brilliant.
Erich likes monsters, black work, fetish work and anything to do with nature or creatures. He is trans and self described as ‘queer AF’.
Erich’s dedication to the studio, his artwork, and his uncanny ability to remember things that everyone else forgets, are a few of the reasons we are now able to open Rivers of Ink.

To see Erich’s portfolio, click here.


Lia is our second junior artist. She specialises in mandala style pieces and fine floral work. She is a dedicated artist, and will always strive to deliver a design which wows.
Her culture and travels influence and inspire her work greatly, and she has been a henna artist since she was small (er)! She has worked extremely hard since starting with us, and is gaining skill and confidence every day.
Her great ideas and bubbly personality are a key part of the day to day in our studio, and we wouldn’t be opening Rivers of Ink without her. Lia is also a model in her own right.

To see Lia’s Portfolio, click here.


Clo is our in house body piercer. She also does admin, social media and oversees the daily running of the studio. She is Stewart’s daughter, and has been in the industry for over 10 years. She takes great pride in her piercing, and likes to make sure her clients drop back in during healing for check ups. She doesn’t believe in never seeing people again, or that piercings are temporary.

To see Clo’s portfolio, click here.